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Tetra Pond Fish Foods

Tetra Pond Fish Foods

TetraPond® foods for healthier fish and clearer water

What makes TetraPond® foods so good?

Tetra’s heritage and commitment to fish health

Our 50 years of extensive research in fish nutrition has made Tetra® a world leader in fish food.

High digestibility results in clear water

TetraPond® Food Sticks quickly soften on the surface making them easy to digest- even for smaller fish.

Digestibility is very important since Koi and goldfish do not have teeth, nor do they have true stomachs. Since TetraPond food is highly digestible and very nutritious, the food is metabolized efficiently thus greatly minimizing the excreted waste.

By minimizing fish waste, filtration systems will operate more efficiently, the ecosystem will be healthier and the pond will be clearer and more beautiful.

Flaked Fish Food

Flaked Fish Food

Premium Nutrition for Small Pond Fish
The “primary meal” for goldfish and small Koi.
It’s ease in digestibility enables your pond water to stay clean and clear.

6.35 oz. (1L) canister
4.52 lb. (10L) bucket

SKU Description Price Order
16210 Flaked Fish Food 6.35 oz. (1 L) canister $ 9.50 Add To Cart
16621 Flaked Fish Food 4.52 lb. (10 L) bucket $ 65.00 Add To Cart
Koi Growth

Premium High Protein Food for Rapid Fish Growth
A high protein diet containing essential amino acids that help younger fish grow.
Ideal for late spring and early summer feeding. Feed when water temperatures are 50º F and above.

9.52 oz. (1L) canister
4.85 lbs. (7L) bag

SKU Description Price Order
16434 Koi Growth 9.52 oz. (1 L) $ 11.75 Add To Cart
16489 Koi Growth 4.85 lb. (7 L) bag $ 42.00 Add To Cart
Koi Vibrance

Premium Nutrition with Natural Color Enhancers
A highly nutritional diet provides basics and brings out vibrant reds and yellows on Koi and ornamental goldfish.

4.94 oz. (1L) canister
1.43 lbs. (4L) bag
2.42 lbs. (7L) bag
3.08 lbs. (10L) bucket
5.18 lbs. (15L) bag
8.27 lbs. (25L) bag
16.5 lbs. (40L) box

Feed in spring, summer and fall, when water temperatures are 50º F and above.
SKU Description Price Order
16359 Koi Vibrance 4.94 oz. (1 L) canister $ 8.00 Add To Cart
16494 Koi Vibrance 1.43 lb. (4 L) bag $ 19.10 Add To Cart
16485 Koi Vibrance 2.42 lb. (7 L) bag $ 34.00 Add To Cart
16459 Koi Vibrance 3.08 lb. (10 L) bucket $ 46.50 Add To Cart
16486 Koi Vibrance 5.18 lb. (15 L) bag $ 65.00 Add To Cart
16491 Koi Vibrance 8.27 lb. (25 L) bag $ 91.50 Add To Cart
16458 Koi Vibrance 16.5 lb. (40 L) box $ 120.00 Add To Cart
Pond Sticks

Premium Nutrition for Goldfish and Koi

An ideal maintenance diet that provides nutrition for energy, longevity, and overall health.

3.53 oz. (1L) canister
1.0 lb. (4L) bag
1.72 lb. (7L) bag
2.53 lb. (10L) bucket
3.70 lb. (15L) bag
6.61 lb. (25L) bag
11.00 lb. (40L) box

Feed in spring, summer and fall, when water temperatures are 50º F and above.

SKU Description Price Order
16354 Pond Sticks 3.53 oz. (1L) canister $ 7.50 Add To Cart
16482 Pond Sticks 1.0 lb. (4 L) bag $ 20.50 Add To Cart
16483 Pond Sticks 1.72 lb. (7 L) bag $ 26.00 Add To Cart
16357 Pond Sticks 2.53 lb. (10 L) bucket $ 38.00 Add To Cart
16484 Pond Sticks 3.70 lb. (15 L) bag $ 45.00 Add To Cart
16488 Pond Sticks 6.61 lb. (25 L) bag $ 69.00 Add To Cart
Spring & Fall Diet

Wheatgerm Transitions Fish In and Out of Winter

Wheatgerm’s exceptional digestibility at low temperatures is very important since fish metabolism and the pond’s ammonia reducing biological activity are greatly diminished in colder months. Feed in spring and fall, when water temperatures are below 50º F and above 39º F.

7.05 oz. (1L) canister
1.72 lbs. (4L) bag
3 lbs. (7L) bag

SKU Description Price Order
16467 Spring & Fall Diet 7.04 oz. (1 L) canister $ 10.50 Add To Cart
16481 Spring & Fall Diet 1.72 lb. (4 L) bag $ 30.50 Add To Cart
16469 Spring & Fall Diet 3.0 lb. (7 L) bag $ 54.00 Add To Cart
Treats / Supplements

Vacation Food

Slow-Release Feeder Block
Calcium salt-based block for feeding pond fish up to 7 days (for a 14 day period, use 2 blocks).
Precise amounts of select vitamins and nutrients helps support fish’s immune system.

3.45 oz. (Metal tub- inside)


The Fun Way to Feed Your Fish!
Designed specifically for handfeeding Koi and other pond fish.
Orange and shrimp flavors for attracting fish - also with added vitamins.

0.706 oz. box

Jumbo Krill

Vitamin-enriched, large Pacific krill are perfect for feeding whole to large fish or to break into bite-sized chunks for smaller fish. High in protein and fiber, and a good source of Vitamin E, an important antioxidant for disease prevention. Jumbo Shrimp are especially valuable for providing nutritive assets such as improved metabolic functions and enhanced coloration.

Great product to teach your koi to eat from your hands.

14.0 oz. jumbo can

SKU Description Price Order
16493 Pond Treats 0.76 oz. box $ 4.35 Add To Cart
16477 Vacation Pond Food 3.45 oz. $ 8.00 Add To Cart
16200 Jumbo Shrimp 14.0 oz. can $ 58.00 Add To Cart
Variety Blend

Premium Blend of 3 Foods to Enhance Vitality
Blend includes: Pond Sticks: an ideal, basic diet.
Koi Vibrance™: enhances natural coloration.
WheatGerm Sticks: for health and vitality.
Feed in spring, summer and fall, when water temperatures are 50º F and above.

5.29 oz. (1L) canister
1.32 lbs. (4L) bag
2.25 lbs. (7L) bag

SKU Description Price Order
16455 Variety Blend 5.29 oz. (1 L) canister $ 9.50 Add To Cart
16456 Variety Blend 1.32 lb. (4 L) bag $ 26.50 Add To Cart
16454 Variety Blend 2.25 lb. (7 L) bag $ 31.50 Add To Cart