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Fish / Skimmer Nets

Fish / Skimmer Nets

Whether you have leaves and debris to be skimmed off the water surface, numerous fish of all different sizes to be caught and moved, or excessive muck and waste on the bottom of the pond to remove, we have the right net in our vast selection of Fish / Skimmer Nets to help you get the job done! Tip from the Pros at Waterford Gardens: many Fish Nets can double as debris removers. However, Skimmer Nets rarely double effectively as fish catchers. Skimmers have a flat net head design, and often rigid netting, so that you can simply turn the net over and dump the skimmed debris into a refuse area or garden. Many pond owners will keep both a Fish Net and Skimmer Net on hand, so they can conveniently clean, skim, and catch without damaging thier nets or fish!

Cumings Fish Nets

The Waterford Gardens standard of fish nets: Cumings Fish Nets are constructed with a solid wooden handle (various lengths), stainless steel frame, and moderately-sized netting mesh. These nets are strong, strudy, easy to handle, and stand the test of time--they are the first choice for stock fish-catching here at Waterford Gardens. Cumings Fish Nets will easily catch fish up to a foot in length, and are adequate debris removers as well.

SKU Description Price Order
260-F-12 Cumings Fish Net 20-in. Handle $ 63.25 Add To Cart
270-12 Cumings Fish Net 42-in. Handle $ 68.50 Add To Cart
Gary Bourne Fish Nets

Top-of-the-line in fish catching, the Gary Bourne Fish Net series is designed for the prime pond professional and koi connoisseur. High-strength aluminum, circular frames with medium-width mesh netting range in diameter from 18 to 32 inches. Any size of these net heads can be bolted to either of the 1-inch wide stainless steel handles, at 7 and 13 feet in length. Gary Bourne Fish Nets can swiftly capture larger fish in excess of 2 feet long, without the worry of them becoming tangled in oversized net basins.

SKU Description Price Order
NETPOLE7 Gary Bourne Koi Net Handle 7-ft. $ 71.50 Add To Cart
GBNET18 Gary Bourne Koi Net Head 18-in. $ 99.00 Add To Cart
GBNET24 Gary Bourne Koi Net Head 24-in. $ 110.00 Add To Cart
The Koi Kichi net line includes a variety of detachable sized/shaped heads which can be substituted on the Koi Kichi net shaft.
SKU Description Price Order
NET504 Koi Kichi 12-in. x 12-in. Sludge Net $ 12.00 Add To Cart
NET500 Koi Kichi 12-in. x 12-in. Trapeze Net $ 12.00 Add To Cart
NET502 Koi Kichi 12-in. Round Net $ 12.00 Add To Cart
NET506 Koi Kichi 48-in. Net (Shaft Only) $ 12.25 Add To Cart
NET508 Koi Kichi 12-in. x 12-in. Skimmer Net $ 13.25 Add To Cart
NET501 Koi Kichi 15-in. x 15-in. Trapeze Net $ 14.00 Add To Cart
NET510 Koi Kichi 15-in. x 15-in. Skimmer Net $ 14.25 Add To Cart
NET503 Koi Kichi 17-in. Round Net $ 14.50 Add To Cart
NET509 Koi Kichi 70-in. Net (Shaft Only) $ 16.00 Add To Cart
NET507 Koi Kichi 20-in. Round Net Head $ 21.00 Add To Cart
Laguna Pond / Skimmer Nets

Laguna Pond / Skimmer Nets are much like all Laguna products: durable, practical, and affordable. These nets are tapered rectangle-shaped with rounded corners to reach the more inaccessible areas in the pond for cleaning. Extenable shafts and slip-resistant handles make pond maintenance so much less of a chore! Specifications for the Laguna Pond / Skimmer Nets are below.

Laguna Nets
Laguna Net Name and SKUNet SizeHandle LengthTelescoping
Pond Net (PT-815) 13in. x 14in. 33-61 inches Yes
Pond Net (PT-816) 11.5in. x 11.5in. 33-61 inches Yes
Pro Pond Net (PT-827) 18.5in. x 15.5in. 29.5-55 inches Yes
Pro Skimmer Net (PT-829) 18.5in. x 15.5in. 29.5-55 inches Yes

SKU Description Price Order
PT815 Laguna Extendable Pond Net 13-in .x 14-in. $ 31.00 Add To Cart
PT816 Laguna Extendable Pond Net 11.5-in. x 11.5-in. $ 29.00 Add To Cart
PT827 Laguna Pro Pond Net 18.5-in. x 15.5-in. $ 40.00 Add To Cart
PT829 Laguna Pro Skimmer Net 18.5-in. x 15.5-in. $ 40.00 Add To Cart
Nycon Fish Nets

Made with a solid aluminum handle and frame, these agile, compact Nycon Fish Nets are perfect for quickly catching fast-swimming fish up to 8 inches in length. With a nearly half-gallon volume capacity in the net basin, Nycon Fish Nets are also very effective in removing excessive amounts of light-weight waste from the pond, such as fallen leaves and small plant debris. However, the Nycon Fish Sock Net is a very different type of Fish Net, and should be used solely for catching fish. With a 42-inch long nylon stocking-like net basin and protective rubber coverings over all metal parts, larger koi are caught without stress and loss of slime coat. Its nylon net is open at the very end so the fish can be released from either the frame or net side. The Sock Net has a short handle made with reinforced aluminum and a large rubber hand grip.

SKU Description Price Order
N18 Nycon Fish Net 18-in. Handle $ 19.00 Add To Cart
N36 Nycon Fish Net 36-in. Handle $ 23.50 Add To Cart
KOI-S2 Nycon Fish Net Koi Sock Net 11-in. Diameter w/ 42-in. Long Net $ 65.00 Add To Cart
Nycon Kwik-Kleen Skimmer Rakes

These nets have a long reach! With reinforced, 1-inch thick aluminum telescoping handles, the Nycon Kwik-Kleen Skimmer Rakes are designed to accommodate much larger pond sizes. The handles extend from an initial 4-feet long to over 8-feet in length, easily reaching any area of a pond over 15-feet wide! The Nycon Kwik-Kleen Skimmer Rakes come in two distinct types: fine mesh netting for nearly all types of large and small debris in the pond, and super-fine mesh for tiny particles of algae, fish/food waste, and more.

SKU Description Price Order
KD-03 Nycon Kwik-Kleen Skimmer Rake Fine Mesh Net $ 60.00 Add To Cart
KF-03 Nycon Kwik-Kleen Skimmer Rake SUPER-Fine Mesh Net $ 60.00 Add To Cart
Nycon Skimmer Nets

With tight, screen-like weave and a variety of aluminum handle lengths, Nycon Skimmer Nets make surface skimming simple and fast for small to medium size ponds.

SKU Description Price Order
722543040403 Nycon Skimmer Net 36-in. Handle $ 17.00 Add To Cart
NS4 Nycon Skimmer Net 48-in. Handle $ 20.50 Add To Cart
Python Fish Nets

Python Fish Nets are versatile nets, interchangeable with various sizes of telescoping handles of 3 different lengths. The Sack Head Net has a larger basin allowing the complete capture of a fish without needing to make any physical contact apart from the netting itself. The Inspection Head is flat, like a skimmer, but with a wider mesh netting, holding the fish in a relaxed position for the owner to easily get a closer look. Choose a handle length based on the largest radius in your pond, and an appropriate net type, and go catch some fish!

SKU Description Price Order
NP16 Python Fish Net Sack Head 16-in. C a l l C a l l
NP18 Python Fish Net Sack Head 18-in. C a l l C a l l
NP22 Python Fish Net Sack Head 22-in. C a l l C a l l
NPS22 Python Fish Net Inspection Head 22-in. C a l l C a l l
NPS18 Python Fish Net Inspection Head 18-in. C a l l C a l l
NPH30 Python Fish Net Telescoping Handle 30-in. to 56-in. C a l l C a l l
NPH46 Python Fish Net Telescoping Handle 46-in. to 90-in. C a l l C a l l
NPH58 Python Fish Net Telescoping Handle 58-in. to 102-in. C a l l C a l l
United Aquatics Fish / Skimmer Nets

For a line of affordable and useful fish and skimmer nets, look no further than United Aquatics Fish / Skimmer Nets. With all aluminum handles and frames, and double-weave hex-mesh netting, there is definitely one sized right for your pond! The UA Skimmer Net has a 4-foot long handle and a 12in. x 8in frame with extra-fine netting for very small, lightweight particles.

There are 4 various UA Fish Net options. The smallest of the 4 fish nets has a 1/2-inch thick cylindrical handle, the 2 mid-sized with 3/4-inch thick hexagonal handles, and the largest with a 1-inch thick hexagonal handle. The eccelectic mix of UA Fish Nets are arranged with specifications below.

United Aquatic Nets
Net SKU NameNet SizeHandle LengthTelescopingNet Head Shape
Net 101 12in. x 8in. 26 inches No Rectangular
Net 152 12 inches 26 inches Yes Round
Net 182 18in. x 12-18in. 26-48 inches Yes Tapered Rectangle
UAKoi 118 18 inches 36-72 inches Yes Round

SKU Description Price Order
10LN United Aquatics Skimmer Net 12-in. x 8-in. $ 12.00 Add To Cart
NET101 United Aquatics Fish Net 12-in. x 8-in. $ 12.00 Add To Cart
NET152 United Aquatics Fish Net 12-in. Round $ 20.00 Add To Cart
NET182 United Aquatics Fish Net 18-in. x 12-18-in. $ 27.00 Add To Cart
UAKOI118 United Aquatics Fish Net 18-in. Round $ 40.00 Add To Cart