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Pond Netting

Pond Netting

Pond Netting can be a very effective way to keep leaves and other debris out of the pond during the Fall and early Winter months. Many pond owners also utilize Pond Netting year-round to dissuade predators, such as Heron and other long-beaked birds, from easily picking fish out of the pond. It is very easy to effectively position, and can be stretched taughtly over the pond, splayed, and fastened using stakes around the edge of the pond. Another popular setup is the construction of small "hoops" using regular PVC pipe, and laying the Netting over the structure, tightening it around the perimeter with stakes (as shown in the picture above.) There are several different styles and sizes of mesh and weave patterns, as well as a plethora of Netting sizes, with at least one suitable for your size pond. (Note: each product's picture provides a close-up look of the netting itself.)

Aquascape Pond Netting
Aquascape multi-purpose pond netting comes conveniently rolled, making it easier to install. Don't be fooled by the small package - this is quality, full-sized pond netting! Aquascape multi-purpose pond netting comes complete with plastic net stakes; keeping the net secure and in place. Net is knitted with a 3/4 inch opening. # sizes available. 7'x 10' 14' x 20' 28' x 30'
SKU Description Price Order
742575980003 Aquascape Pond Netting 7 x 10 ft. $ 9.00 Add To Cart
742575980010 Aquascape Pond Netting 14 x 20 ft. $ 20.00 Add To Cart
742575980027 Aquascape Pond Netting 28 x 30 feet $ 45.00 Add To Cart
Gardeneer Pond Netting

Gardeneer Pond Netting is the most fundamental and economical netting used for pond cover. A single layer weave pattern with a 3/8 inch mesh allows for the pond to be quite visible through the netting once it's placed over the pond. This also make it very easy to handle, set, and stake along the edges of the pond, keeping very small debris from entering the water. Gardeneer Pond Netting comes in very large variety of areas to accommodate all sizes of ponds. Also available is Bird Netting, and Deer Netting, with 1/2 inch and 3/4 inch mesh respectively, for pond owners more concerned with the deterrance of animals and protection of plants, rather than keeping smaller debris out of the pond.

SKU Description Price Order
N710 Gardeneer Pond Netting 7-ft. x 10-ft. $ 9.00 Add To Cart
N1414 Gardeneer Pond Netting 14-ft. x 14-ft. $ 16.00 Add To Cart
N2828 Gardeneer Pond Netting 28-ft. x 28-ft. $ 46.00 Add To Cart
PN2845 Gardeneer Pond Netting 28-ft. x 45-ft. $ 73.50 Add To Cart
N1445 Gardeneer BIRD Netting 14-ft. x 45-ft. $ 30.00 Add To Cart
N1475 Gardeneer DEER Netting 14-ft. x 75-ft. $ 47.00 Add To Cart
Pond Cover Pond Netting

Pond Cover Pond Netting brings a little extra strength to your pond cover net. With a double-weave, 3/4 inch mesh pattern, the netting with certainly keep all sorts of tree, plant, and environmental debris out of your pond, and may even hold some of the snow off the surface of the water in the Winter as well. Pond Cover nets are rugid enough to be drawn taught across the pond or over a PVC Pipe structure without worry of damage. They also come complete with plastic stakes. These are really excellent pond nets!

SKU Description Price Order
PCN644 Pond Cover Pond Netting 20-ft. x 13-ft. $ 18.00 Add To Cart
PCN655 Pond Cover Pond Netting 20-ft. x 16-ft. $ 23.00 Add To Cart
PCN106 Pond Cover Pond Netting 20-ft. x 33-ft. $ 48.00 Add To Cart
Dewit DELUXE Pond Netting

For the highest strength, verility, and all-weather endurance, Dewitt DELUXE Pond Netting is the smartest option. It's made with a double-width netting material, triple-woven in a high-strength triangular fashion. The mesh is no larger than 3/8 inch, allowing for very little debris to pass through, and supportive of rather high amounts of weight. For its strength and capabilities, Dewitt DELUXE Pond Netting is definitely worth it!

SKU Description Price Order
PN1220 Dewitt DELUXE Pond Netting 12-ft. x 20-ft. $ 55.00 Add To Cart
PN1230 Dewitt DELUXE Pond Netting 12-ft. x 30-ft. $ 65.00 Add To Cart
PN2020 Dewitt DELUXE Pond Netting 20-ft. x 20-ft. $ 78.50 Add To Cart
PN2030 Dewitt DELUXE Pond Netting 20-ft. x 30-ft. $ 101.00 Add To Cart
PN3232 Dewitt DELUXE Pond Netting 32-ft. x 32-ft. $ 174.75 Add To Cart
Clearly Better Pond Netting

Are you trying to keep everything out of your pond? Tiny plant debris such as Pine and Cypress needles? Clearly Better Pond Netting is the perfect choice for you! With a mesh of only a few millimeters wide, and colored white to visibly display all debris collected, this netting let's nothing slip through the cracks! They also come complete with plastic stakes. Three sizes are available.

SKU Description Price Order
UACLE100 Clearly Better Pond Netting 10-ft. x 10-ft. $ 33.50 Add To Cart