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Pressurized Filter

Pondmaster Pressurized Filter

The Pondmaster Pressurized Filter System features a unique, manually operated agitator for dislodging over 90% of the pond residue that accumulates in the filter chamber.

This patent pending feature is employed during the backwash and rinse operation.


  • Agitator unlocks waste from media saving the amount of water discharged during backwash and rinse cycles.
  • Unique, patent pending 3-way master valve locks into “run”, “rinse”, and “backwash” settings.
  • Clear-vue inspection port to monitor water clarity during backwash/rinse operation.
  • Positive pressure lock ring to ensure a tight water seal.
  • Reusable Bio-Matrix Media affords maximum surface area for beneficial bacteria growth.
  • Heavy duty poly canister can be buried for hidden installation.
  • Integrated waterproof UV transformer
    Optional field-installed bottom drain available (not included).
  • Can be easily operated using a single energy-efficient magnetic-drive or similar pump. (not included).
  • Does not require a high-pressure pump to back wash.

Note: Make sure your pump is a low pressure pump with a maximum pump head height of less than 20 feet. If your pump is rated at or above 20 feet head then you must install a diverter valve before the filter to reduce possible pressure buildup.

Pondmaster Pressurized Filter Sizing Table
ModelDimensionsPond VolumeUV WattsPump Flow Rate
P-1000 20"H x 19"dia. 1000 gal. Capacity None 900 - 2000 GPH
PUV-1000 20"H x 19"dia. 1000 gal. Capacity 10 Watts 900 - 1500 GPH
P-2000 20"H x 19" dia. 2000 gal. Capacity None 1000 - 2000 GPH
PUV-2000 20"H x 19"dia. 2000 gal. Capacity 20 Watts 1000 - 2000 GPH
P-4000 27"H x 19" dia. 4000 gal. Capacity None 1000 - 4000 GPH
PUV-4000 27"H x 19"dia. 4000 gal. Capacity 40 Watts 1000 - 3000 GPH

SKU Description Price Order
05010 P-1000 Pressure Filter $ 305.00 Add To Cart
05015 PUV-1000 Pressure Filter with UV $ 420.00 Add To Cart
05020 P-2000 Pressure Filter $ 350.00 Add To Cart
05025 PUV-2000 Pressure Filter with UV $ 485.00 Add To Cart
05040 P-4000 Pressure Filter $ 420.00 Add To Cart
05045 PUV-4000 Pressure Filter with UV $ 540.00 Add To Cart
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