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EZbio Prefilter

Easy-to-install pump pre-filter

Simple and effective biomechanical pre-filters improve pump performance. Prevents pump damage and flow reduction due to debris and clogs. Expandable units available in single or double Matala® filter media core for superior biological filtration. Universal barbed fittings accept 1" to 1-1/2" tubing or 1-1/2" MPT. The versatile EZ Bio Filter can be used as a biomechanical pre-filter for circulation pumps, filtration pumps, and water fountain pumps.

EZ Bio Filters Features

Improves Pump Efficiency:

  • Prevents flow reduction due to premature clogging
  • Improves energy usage by reducing pump stress caused by clogs
  • Helps extend pump life

Highly Efficient Filtration:

  • Multiple pore size
  • Progressive density dramatically reduces clogging
  • Large filter volume captures, stores, and biologically processes more organic particles
  • Large specific area for beneficial bacteria colonization

Easy to Install:

  • Connects to many types of pumps
  • Expandable for increased filtration capacity

Easy Clean:

  • Minimal maintenance - long interval before cleaning
  • Clean by simply dunking in a bucket of pond water

Easy to Integrate:

  • Can be placed at any distance from the pump
  • Expandable to increase filtration capacity to suit your needs

Cleaning Procedure:

  1. Disconnect power to pump.
  2. Remove EZ Bio Filter and the attached pump completely from the pond.
  3. To disconnect EZ Bio Filter from the attached pump: Hold the pump in one hand and twist the EZ Bio Filter clockwise to unthread.
  4. To disassemble the EZ Bio Filter: a) Twist and unthread the black top section of the EZ Bio Filter. b) Pull the Yellow and Blue Filter Core of the bottom section away from the white, hard plastic core. c) Push the center Blue Core out of the Yellow Core.
  5. Vigorously dunk the filter cores in a bucket of pond water until they are clean. This will maintain more of the beneficial bacteria on the filter core. Spray wash the white, hard plastic core.
  6. Reassemble the EZ Bio Filter: a) When completely clean, push the Blue Core back in to the Yellow Core. b) Push the Filter Cores back onto the white, hard plastic core. c) Twist the black top section clockwise onto the white plastic core.
  7. Reattach the EZ Bio Filter onto the pump. Twist pump counterclockwise until firmly attached.

EZ Bio 11 Max Flow-through Rate Single Core 4-5/16" x 7-3/4" 1,980 gph
EZ Bio 20 Max Flow-through Rate Double Core 7-3/4" x 7-3/4" 3.405 gph

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EZBio11 EZ-Bio 11 Single Core Pre Filter $ 40.00 Add To Cart
EZBio20 EZ-Bio 20 Double Core Pre Filter $ 58.00 Add To Cart
Matala Filter Media

The aim of Matala is to produce innovative filtration materials for application in biological treatment of wastewater, Aquaculture recirculation and Koi & water garden and various other applications.

With Matala's extensive background in Aquaculture Engineering and with a team holding two generations of experience in plastic manufacturing and R&D, efforts were focused to create and produce Matala® filter media that offer superior technical characteristics compared to other alternative types of media existing in the market.

Introducing Matala®, the advanced filter media for today's serious pond enthusiast. One look at Matala® will convince you of its practical and versatile qualities.

The open, highly aerobic 3 dimensional structure promotes healthy water conditions and ease of cleaning in most non-pressurized filter designs. Matala® is a filter media that is simple and that works.

The various densities can be used in sequence or separately for unique filtration requirements. This is one of the greatest characteristics which Matala has to offer. No other media on the market can perform this step-wise filtration. Matala effectively separates large particles to small and still maintains a very aerobic and free flow of water without channeling.

Matala is slightly buoyant and will not sink to the bottom of your filter. Matala stood vertically on end will not float. Matala stacked horizontally will hold each other down.

Due to it's rigidity the Matala can be wedged in place in the filter without support.

One sheet of Matala has the following characteristics:

Approximately 48" x 39" x 1.5" (120cm x 100cm x 4cm) for all densities; Black, Green, Blue and Gray.
Weight per sheet is between 6 to 8 pounds depending on density.
One sheet is 13 sq.ft.
8 sq.ft. equals 1 cubic ft of media.
One full sheet equals 1.6 cubic feet or 12 gallon volume.
Semi-rigid and self-supporting
Specific gravity: 0.95. Slightly buoyant.
Made of Thermopoly Propylene compound - Nontoxic to environment.
Matala Progressive Sheets are available in both full sheets (48" x 39") and half sheets (24" x 39").

Matala Filter Mat Specs
Density Low Medium High Super High
Specific Surface: 180 - 200 280 - 310 360 - 400 500 - 550
Fiber Diameter in mm 0.18 0.09 0.06 0.045
Free Volume: 92% 93% 94% 94%
Biological Surface Area 62 sq.ft. 96 sq.ft. 124 sq.ft 171 sq.ft.

SKU Description Price Order
MatGRNF Matala Green (Medium Density) Full Sheet C a l l C a l l
MatGRNH Matala Green (Medium Density) Half Sheet C a l l C a l l
MatBLUF Matala Blue (High Density) Full Sheet C a l l C a l l
MatBLUH Matala Blue (High Density) Half Sheet C a l l C a l l
MatGRYF Matala Gray (Super High Density) Full Sheet C a l l C a l l
MatGRYH Matala Gray (Super High Density) Half Sheet C a l l C a l l
MatBLKF Matala Black (Low Density) Full Sheet C a l l C a l l
MatBLKH Matala Black (Low Density) Half Sheet C a l l C a l l