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Cetus Sieve

Cetus Sieve Manual
Cetus Sieve Manual

The Cetus sieve is a totally new, bow screen pre-filter, made using the latest rotational molding technology. With all of its benefits and build quality, it is undoubtedly the best of its kind on the market today in terms of quality and performance! It is designed to efficiently and effectively remove large amounts of mechanical waste from a pond. It can be set-up gravity or pump fed and has many benefits over the original bow screen technology.

This Cetus has a variable inlet height using the unique patented Pondflow regulation system – for use when gravity fed. This allows water levels within the pond to drop without causing the circulating pump to be starved of water. The Cetus will allow a skimmer or a bottom drain to accept vast amounts of waste without excessive cleaning needed to be carried out. The water must then be pumped to either a normal filter above pond level (Nexus Eazy/Eazy Pod) or to a pressurized filter.

If pump fed, the sieve is placed above pond water level and then the exit water is gravity dropped into your main filter.

It is advised that all pressurized filters be pre-filtered using a Cetus to reduce excessive backwashing and maintenance due to heavy solids.

Evolution Aqua Cetus Sieve CutOut image
  • Can be gravity or pump fed
  • Perfect fit screen so no waste can bypass
  • Totally reliable and simple to install
  • Plug and Play – comes with flexible boots to connect to pipe work
  • Greatly reduced backwashing / maintenance of pressurised filters
  • Robust one piece mould –no welded joints – no leaks!
  • Large waste collection area which slopes to sump outlet
  • Ideal for mechanically filtering skimmer lines
  • Patented float that gives constant flow for gravity-fed level fluctuations
  • Maximum flow rate 18,000 litres per hour
  • Tri-slot 300 micron wedge wire screen in 316L stainless steel on 100% of surface area
  • Increased levels of oxygen
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EACetus Cetus Sieve $ 1350.00 Add To Cart
Eazy Pod Filtration

Easy Pod Installation Manual
Easy Pod Installation Manual

As a result of the extraordinary performance achieved with the Nexus Eazy system, Evolution has developed a version of the Eazy for smaller pond sizes. The Eazy Pod is a complete mechanical and biological filter system for garden ponds up to 5000 gallons or koi ponds up to 2600 gallons. Using the proven Eazy 200 with Kaldnes media, the Eazy Pod provides clear and healthy pond water for a host of applications.

  • Complete system for smaller sized ponds
  • Complete system for quarantine systems
  • As a pre-filter for existing systems
  • As a polisher after an existing system
  • As a system for mid-water or skimmer circuits

The concept is simple and yet innovative. Water enters via the inlet (A) and flows directly to the outer chamber (B), which runs around the entire circumference of the Pod. Between chamber (B) and the central chamber (C) is a stainless steel perforated screen. These perforations are situated in the lower half of the screen and around its entire face. This means that when the water passes from the outer to inner chamber (B to C), a downward flow is created. This causes many of the larger solids to settle in the base of the outer chamber (B) due to the force of gravity.

This settling action combined with the size of the perforations will not allow large mechanical waste to enter the central chamber, thus acting as a first stage mechanical filter. The central chamber holds 30 liters of static K1 media. As the water enters the central chamber, the fine smaller solids become entrapped in the K1 media. After passing through the K1 media, the clean water then rises and overflows into the inner return pipe (D) of the Pod. From here it returns to the pond via the return outlet E.

The Eazy Pod filtration system gives water quality and clarity that surpasses all expectations. The nature and volume of the K1 media means that when static, apart from being a very efficient mechanical filter, there is more than enough surface area for beneficial bacteria to colonize. Therefore on a smaller pond, the Pod is an excellent complete filter. Plus, it is very easy to clean… simply direct air to central chamber to fluidize the media, the dump the waste via the supplied drain valve (F).

The Eazy Pod is now also available as the Eazy Pod Air . This product cobines the Eazy Pod with the all new EA Airpump 70 Kit. You get the Eazy Pod, a 70 lpm air pump, 4 port air manifold, 33' of air tubing, and two high quality air stones.

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EAPodA Eazy Pod Filter with Air Pump $ 795.00 Add To Cart
Nexus Eazy 200 & 300

Nexus Installation Manual
Nexus Installation Manual

The Nexus Eazy is Evolution Aqua's world leading filtration system. Incorporating the industry proven Kaldnes Moving Bed coupled with the exceptional Eazy mechanical filter. Combined they provide outstanding water clarity and quality. It is extremely 'Eazy' and pleasurable to clean.

The Nexus Eazy is a cleverly combined mechanical and biological filter creating an effective, high performance filtration system for all sizes of pond. It has and continues to revolutionise the way ponds are filtered. The Nexus combined with the Eazy, means there really is no competition regarding price and what it will achieve.

The world famous Nexus pond filter from Evolution Aqua. With proven Kaldnes Moving Bed™ biological filtration combined with the Eazy™ static Kaldnes fines filtration, the most popular system in the world is now better than ever. Combined, this revolutionary system provides outstanding water clarity and quality, in either pump or gravity fed configurations.

The Nexus Eazy system provides zero maintenance within the fluidized biological stage, low operating costs (no need for a pressure pump), and best of all the system delivers both mechanical and biological stages in one unit. Extremely easy to install, clean, and maintain, the Nexus Eazy system is designed and built to last a lifetime.

Evolution Aqua Cetus Sieve CutOut image

How the Eazy works – Water enters the central vortex, where heavy solids simply settle to the bottom of the vortex. Water then travels through static Kaldnes, which is retained in a stainless steel basket. This process and has been proven to trap incredibly small particles of waste. To clean the Eazy, simply turn on the air tap to the settlement area to agitate the media, and then open the drain to the central vortex.

Nexus Eazy systems are complete units and include the Nexus body, Eazy central vortex, air backwash line, air diverter valve, unionized ball valves to waste, and Kaldnes media for both the Eazy (static Kaldnes) and the bio-reactor (fluidized Kaldnes).

After the wastes have been removed in the central vortex, the water then enters the biological stage, which consists of the Kaldens Moving Bed process. An air ring at the base of the outer bio-chamber releases air continuously to rotate the Kaldnes media, thus providing the best possible environment for bacteria to colonize, and an optimized environment for your koi.

Kaldnes has been proven to be many time more efficient than static media types. Incorporating fluidized Kaldnes into the product range is a major breakthrough in performance. The Kaldnes Moving Bed process is exclusive to Evolution Aqua and is included in the Nexus.

The Nexus 200 Eazy and Nexus 300 Eazy are the same system in 2 sizes for different pond volumes.

Nexus Easy Product Detail Table
SpecificationNexus 200Nexus 300
Max Flow Rate 2,640 US gallons/hr 3,431 US gallons/hr
Kaldness Media 50 ltrs bio/30 ltrs Eazy 100 ltrs bio/45 ltrs Eazy
Max Capacity 150 ltrs bio/30 ltrs Eazy 300 ltrs bio/45 ltrs Eazy
Max Pond Size 4,800 US gallons 9,000 US gallons
Volume Of Water In Filter 135 US gallons 222 US gallons

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EANexus200 Nexus Eazy 200 Filter $ 1940.00 Add To Cart
EANexus200L Nexus Eazy 200 filter with Lid $ 2160.00 Add To Cart
EANexus300 Nexus Eazy 300 Filter $ 2695.00 Add To Cart
EANexus300L Nexus Eazy 300 Filter with Lid $ 2925.00 Add To Cart