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Laguna is committed to innovative product development and superior customer satisfaction. Their extensive product range & incomparable quality reflects this commitment.

Every Laguna product is thoroughly tested and evaluated before it is released in the marketplace. Laguna's in-house testing facility, Hagen Aquatic Research Station (HARS), is staffed with a number of highly qualified technicians and professionals who use state-of-the-art equipment to test all products.

In addition, HARS consults with outside chemists, aquaculturists, biologists and veterinarians for independent development, testing and verification.

Laguna's goal is to make your water gardening experience
"Beautifully Simple".

Laguna Direct Drive Pump

Direct Drive

Solids Handling Waterfall & Filter Pumps

The Direct Drive Pump is a high-capacity,high-power, solids handling pump that is great for water falls and pond fountain features.These pumps are also very versatile and easy to install.
  • Constructed using anti-corrosive and rust proof materials
  • Plug and play, self sealing fittings
  • Works in both horizontal and vertical positions
  • Provides excellent flow in a compact design
  • Large range of sizes to cover various requirements
  • 20 Foot power cord
Laguna Max-Flo Pump Data Table
PT201 260 1860 21'
Pt203 37 2640 31'
PT206 820 4200 34'
PT207 1000 5500 36'
PT209 1100 6600 39'
SKU Description Price Order
PT201 Laguna Direct Drive 1800gph $ 174.00 Add To Cart
PT203 Laguna Direct Drive 2600gph $ 198.50 Add To Cart
PT206 Laguna Direct Drive 4200gph $ 277.20 Add To Cart
PT207 Laguna Direct Drive 5500gph $ 474.60 Add To Cart
PT209 Laguna Direct Drive 6600 gph $ 498.00 Add To Cart
Laguna Max-Flo Pumps


Solids Handling Waterfall & Filter Pumps

Max-Flo pumps are designed to provide continuous and reliable water circulation. They are ideally suited for a variety of pond applications, such as providing water flow to filtration systems and creating spectacular waterfalls. Made in Italy the pumps are powered by a magnetic-driven motor that's unrivaled in the market for generating large amounts of water flow at extremely low energy costs. This is great news for people who are wary of costly electricity bills. In fact, switching to a Laguna pump will often pay for itself in one season.

  • Strainer cage protects impeller & assures continuous suction
  • High stability as a result of extremely flat shape
  • Unique two-level suction capability, through upper and lower casing, for maximum water flow
  • Easy to use Click-fit connectors for fast and easy hose connections. Fits 3/4", 1", and 1 1/4" hose
  • Cage opening of 1/4" in diameter for solid handling capability
  • 16' power cord
  • 3 year warranty

Laguna Max-Flo Pump Data Table
Max-Flo 600 32 600 5'10" 515 351 137 -
Max-Flo 900 65 900 6'4" 803 565 280 -
Max-Flo 1500 100 1500 13'5" 1532 1386 1215 700
Max-Flo 2000 100 2000 12'2" 1876 1690 1479 766

SKU Description Price Order
PT8232 Max-Flo Pump 600gph $ 136.00 Add To Cart
PT8236 Max-Flo Pump 960gph $ 182.00 Add To Cart
PT8240 Max-Flo Pump 1350gph $ 223.58 Add To Cart
PT8244 Max-Flo Pump 2000gph $ 288.00 Add To Cart
PT8248 Max-Flo Pump 2400gph $ 327.00 Add To Cart
PT8252 Max-Flo Pump 2900gph $ 355.00 Add To Cart