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BioSafe Disease Control
Keep your garden disease free with BioSafe Disease Control! Prevent and control diseases on your fruit and vegetable plants safely and sustainably with the powerful chemistry the BDC is known for. It contains no harsh chemicals like chlorine or copper and leaves no residue so you can feel good about using BioSafe Disease Control around your family and pets.

  • Hooks Up to Hose for Quick Application
  • Begins Working Immediately
  • Long-lasting - Covers 12,000 Square Feet
  • Proven Effective and Powerful
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1787-RTU-B BioSafe Disease Control 32oz RTU C a l l C a l l
1787-RTS BioSafe Disease Control 32oz C a l l C a l l
BioSafe Insect Control
BioSafe Insect Control is a non-toxic insecticide that repels insects, inhibits growth, feeding, and reproduction, minimizing insect damage to plants. BioSafe Insect Control is an all around sustainable product in its ingredients and packaging. The unique packaging allows you to have three individual refill applications and the use of 96 fl. oz with the purchase of one product.

  • Just Add Water!
  • All Natural & Highly Effective
  • Treats Spider Mites, Stink Bugs, Aphids
  • Environmentally Responsible Packaging
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1790-RTU-D BioSafe Insect Control 32oz C a l l C a l l
BioSafe Plant Food
BioSafe Plant Food is an all-purpose plant food containing natural nutrients extracted from seeds. Easy to metabolize nutrition helps plants grow stronger roots, greener foliage and more blooms. The highly concentrated oilseed extract found in BioSafe Plant Food is non-salt based, so users will not burn plants, can feed all plant types, and are offered an economic alternative to most commonly used fertilizers. A staple from professional growers to new gardeners, BioSafe Plant Food is the easy choice.

  • Safe to Use Around People and Pets
  • Contains Natural Nutrition from Oilseed Extract
  • Feed All Plants, Inside & Out
  • Will not Burn Plants
  • Mixes Easily Even in Cold Water
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1767-RTS BioSafe Plant food 36oz. C a l l C a l l
BioSafe Weed Control
BioSafe Weed Control is an OMRI Listed herbicidal soap that is tough on weeds, but easy on the environment. Burn down a broad spectrum of plants to maintain weed-free patios, walkways, and driveways. Use BWC as a spot treatment in gardens and landscapes to eliminate back breaking hand weeding without harming the soil.

  • Visible Results Within Hours
  • Will Not Migrate Through Soil
  • Biodegrades Quickly
  • Also Controls Algae & Moss
  • Leaves No Harmful Residue
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1791-RTU-B BioSafe Weed Control RTU 32oz C a l l C a l l