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Potting Supplies

Potting Supplies

With every size basket, pot and tub, aquatic soil for water plants, rocks, gravel, sinking media, floating planters, and more, we have all the Potting Supplies you could ever want! Be sure to browse through everything in the huge selection!

Aquatic Plant Baskets

These Aquatic Plant Baskets have screen-like sides and bottoms, retaining soil while allowing water to pass through easily. They are perfect for Marginals and other Bog Plants that require a depth of water that does not pass the top of the pot, where water may still saturate the plants' root and soil.

SKU Description Price Order
BAS4 Sqaure 4.5-in. Aquatic Plant Basket $ 2.50 Add To Cart
BAS5R Round 5-in. Aquatic Plant Basket $ 2.50 Add To Cart
PT960 Round 8-in. Aquatic Plant Basket with Handles $ 3.25 Add To Cart
PT965 Square 9-in. Aquatic Plant Basket with Handles C a l l C a l l
PT961 Round 10-in. Aquatic Plant Basket with Handles $ 3.50 Add To Cart
PT966 Square 12-in. Aquatic Plant Basket with Handles $ 6.00 Add To Cart
PT968 Kidney-Shaped Aquatic Plant Basket with Handles $ 6.00 Add To Cart
BASK Kidney-Shaped Aquatic Plant Basket C a l l C a l l
BAS8R Round 8-in. Aquatic Plant Basket C a l l C a l l
BAS8 Square 8-in. Aquatic Plant Basket C a l l C a l l
BAS10 Square 10-in. Aquatic Plant Basket C a l l C a l l
BAS11 Square 11-in. Aquatic Plant Basket C a l l C a l l
BAS16 Square 14-in. Aquatic Plant Basket C a l l C a l l
Water Lily / Lotus Tubs

Water Lily / Lotus Tubs are specifically designed with no drainage holes at their base, and extra-wide capacity to accommodate large Waterlily and Lotus growth and root systems. These tubs can be planted and carefully set on the bottom of the pond without losing soil. Water Lily / Lotus Tubs come in a plethora of sizes and gallon capacities for everything from Pygmy sized Hardy Water Lilies, all the way up to large spreading Lotus, all shown below. (Note: the Large Lotus Tub is a double-width, 'Tuff Tub.')
Tub Name (Type) Diameter Height Capacity
Grow 8 inches 5 inches .75 gal.
Small 12 inches 8 inches 3 gal.
Lily 15 inches 10 inches 5 gal.
Laguna Lily (With Handles) 15 inches 10 inches 5 gal.
Lotus 16 inches 7 inches 5 gal.
Large Lotus 'Tuff Tub' 20 inches 6 inches 7 gal.
SKU Description Price Order
PT976 Laguna Lily Tub with Handles 15-in. x 8.5-in. 5 gal. $ 12.50 Add To Cart
PT977 Laguna Planting Tub 19 1/2-in. dia. x 9 1/2-in. h. 9 gal. C a l l C a l l
KMD102 Large Lotus Tuff Tub 20-in. x 6-in. - 7-gal. C a l l C a l l
KMB104 X-Large Lotus Tuff Tub 25in dia. x 8in h. 15 gal. C a l l C a l l
Floating Plant Baskets

Would you like to add plants to an area that's just too deep? Or is the center of your pond lacking in plant growth? Try a Floating Plant Basket! These ingenious planters have fabric containers laid inside circular styrofoam floaters, ready for any type of plant to grow healthily at a safe 0-8 inch water depth anywhere in the pond! Floating Plant Baskets can be achored and restrained to one spot in the pond, or left untethered to float around the pond wherever the current takes it! They come in three size diameters: 10 inch, 14 inch, and 19 inch.

SKU Description Price Order
PT974 Floating Plant Basket 10-in. $ 17.00 Add To Cart
PT975 Floating Plant Basket 14-in. $ 20.00 Add To Cart
PT978 Floating Plant Basket 19-in. $ 30.00 Add To Cart
Islandscapes Floating Planters

Grow a lush, fertile island of aquatic plants, grass, flowers, and any other types of thirsty plants on the Islandscapes Floating Planter. After filling specific hollow sections with included mulch and your own soil, set plants directly into the polyurethane media and set it in the pond. The plants will access the mulch and soil for fertilizer, and their roots will grow directly through the media, hanging into the pond to get water. Islandscapes Floating Planters also provide shade for the pond, and additional protection and hiding places for your fish. 5 sizes are available, varying in length, width and depth (delineated below), and they are all relatively "kidney bean-shaped."
Name (Size) Length Width Depth
Mini 27-in. 19-in. 4-in.
Small 32-in. 22-in. 5-in.
Medium 40-in. 31-in. 5-in.
Large 56-in. 37-in. 7-in.
Extra-Large 56-in. 47-in. 7-in.
SKU Description Price Order
FRIP050 Islandscapes Floating Planter MINI C a l l C a l l
IP2232 Islandscapes Floating Planter SMALL C a l l C a l l
IP3140 Islandscapes Floating Planter MEDIUM C a l l C a l l
IP3756 Islandscapes Floating Planter LARGE C a l l C a l l
IP4756 Islandscapes Floating Planter EXTRA-LARGE C a l l C a l l
Laguna Plant Bags

Laguna Plant Bags are the perfect planters for areas that won't necessarily fit a large or rigid pot. These sqaure, flexible cloth planters will hold soil and shape-shift to fit between rocks, in corners, and other small areas. They are water-permeable, allowing for root saturation without soil loss. Laguna Plant Bags are versatile and affordable! They come in 3 sizes: Small (7-in x 7-in. x 7in.), Medium (10-in x 10-in. x 8in.), and Large (12-in x 12-in. x 10in.).

SKU Description Price Order
PT970 Laguna Plant Bag Small $ 5.50 Add To Cart
PT971 Laguna Plant Bag Medium $ 6.00 Add To Cart
PT972 Laguna Plant Bag Large $ 8.00 Add To Cart
Lerio & Laguna Potting / Planting Tubs

Made with an extra-thick, reinforced plastic compund, Lerio & Laguna Potting / Planting Tubs are built to last. Smaller sizes of these tubs are great for large lilies and lotus, and the larger size tubs for gigantic lilies, like the Victoria. Oversized Lerio & Laguna Potting / Planting Tubs, such as the Lerio 150 Gallon Large Tub, can also be used for water gardens and large dry planters.

SKU Description Price Order
PT786 Laguna 26-in Diameter 12-in. Height 18 Gallon Tub C a l l C a l l
LERIO2310 Lerio 23-in. Diameter 10-in. Height C a l l C a l l
LERIO45 Lerio 33-in. Diameter 18-in. Height C a l l C a l l
LERIO3612 Lerio 36-in. Diameter 12-in. Height C a l l C a l l
LERIO150 Lerio 150 Gallon Large Tub C a l l C a l l
Green Pots

Simple, but incredibly useful, these plastic Green Pots come in a huge selection of sizes, and have small drainage holes in the bottom. They're great for Bog and Marginal Plants, dry plantings outside of the pond, small to medium-sized Submerged Plants and Tropical Lilies, and more!

SKU Description Price Order
POT4 Green Pot 4-in. Round $ 1.50 Add To Cart
POT6 Green Pot 6-in. Round $ 2.00 Add To Cart
POT8 Green Pot 8-in. Round $ 2.25 Add To Cart
POT10 Green Pot 10-in. Round $ 3.00 Add To Cart
Bag of Soil

Having the right Soil means everything when it comes to growing healthly, prolific, heavily flowering, beautiful plants! Our Bag of Soil contains a rich combination of clay-based, Earthen mix and high quality top soil, providing a heavy, pond-like bottom for plants to root deeply, while retaining plenty of the nutrients and natural fertilizer associated with excellent top soil. One Bag of Soil is 5 gallons, enough to fill one large lily tub. *NOT FOR SHIPPING DUE TO ITEM WEIGHT.

SKU Description Price Order
SOIL Bag of Soil C a l l C a l l
Bag of Gravel

Gravel is essential for aquatic plantings. After properly potting up an aquatic plant, gently pack the soil on the surface around the base of the plant, and then cover the space remaing in the pot on top of the soil with Gravel. Not only is this the natural way for almost all aquatic plants to grow (in nutrient rich soil, covered in packed Gravel), but it will also help to restrict soil from coming out of the container as the plant grows, or gets moved from time to time. Larger koi love to suck soil out of lily pots to expose tasty plant roots, but they won't be able to when the soil is protected with Gravel! Some aquatic plants, especially submersible ones like Anacharis, can be planted directly into a small pot of just Gravel (as shown in picture.) For most however, soil is needed to provide necessary fertilizer for maximum growth speed, health, and blooming capabilities. One bag is approximately 1-gallon, enough to cover the surface of one large lily tub. *NOT FOR SHIPPING DUE TO ITEM WEIGHT.

SKU Description Price Order
GRAVEL Bag of Gravel C a l l C a l l