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Accu-Clear by Pond Care

Quickly clears cloudy pond water by causing tiny suspended particles of dirt and debris to clump together, forming larger particles that fall to the bottom of the pond and are siphoned out or removed by the pond filter.

  • Keeps ponds clear during peak summer months.
  • Works quickly.
  • Use in conjunction with benefical bacteria for a cleaner, clearer pond.
  • Improves pond filter efficiency

16 oz. bottle treats 4,800 gal.
32 oz. bottle treats 9,800 gal.
64 oz bottle treats 19,200 gal.
1 gal. bottle treats 38,400 gal.

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Aqua Bale Scottish Barley

Bales of Original Scottish Barley

Organic Solution for a Clear Pond

Promote a healthier eco-system for your pond by giving it a double shot of Scottish Barley Bales, a technique which has been employed since the Middle Ages to naturally clear the water.

As far back as the middle ages it was recognized that by adding straw to wells the water was cleaner and free of growth. In more recent years, after allowing a bale of barley straw to stay in a pond where it had fallen, a farmer noted that there was much less string algae in the pond. The discovery prompted the Centre for Aquatic Plant Management in England to undertake studies which, in effect, confirmed that barley straw does have a beneficial effect in clearing water.

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506002581001 Aqua Bale Scottish Barley C a l l C a l l
Barley and Peat Extract by Tetra Pond

For Naturally Clear Water

  • Releases beneficial humic acids that replace messy barley bales
  • Maintains the natural beauty of ponds and waterfalls
  • Reduces pond maintenance

16.9 fl. oz. (500ml) bottle treats 2500 gal.

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Barley and Peat Extract 8.40 oz. $ 7.75 Add To Cart
16294 Barley and Peat Extract 16.9 fl.oz. (500ml) bottle $ 13.00 Add To Cart
Barley Clear by Pond Care

Barley Clear is a highly concentrated suspension of natural barley and peat plus natural activators that quickly unleash the power of barley and peat into the water. Phenolic compounds found in the Barley naturally clears the pond. Barley Clear is also helps maintain the natural carbon balance, which stabilizes water quality and maintains clear water.

  • Clears water naturally
  • Clears murky water
  • Contains natural clarifiers

16 oz. bottle treats 4,000 gal.
32 oz bottle treats 8,000 gal.

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Clear-Water Barley Straw
Clear-Water Barley Straw by Summit is the simplest, most effective method to keep your pond clear of murky pond water. It improves your water quality by releasing oxygenators that maintain the clarity and keep your pond clean, by reducing odors. This safe, natural product will not harm fish or pond plants. Barley Straw will immediately begin to reduce the particles that cause cloudiness, yet it can take up to a month to become completely effective. Each bale lasts for approximately six months. A single mini bale treats 1,000 gallons.
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018506001308 Clear-Water Barley Straw Pond Treatment $ 11.00 Add To Cart
Phos-Out by Pond Care

As the fish waste and uneaten food decompose, phosphate is released as inorganic or reactive phosphate into the water. Reactive phosphate causes unclear water conditions in your pond. Use of PHOS-OUT will remove the needed reactive phosphate resulting is clear pond water.

  • Removes excess phosphate that cloud pond water
  • Helps to restore and maintain the natural balance of pond water

16 oz. bottle treats 1,892 gal.
32 oz. bottle treats 3,784 gal.

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155B Phos-Out 16 oz. bottle C a l l C a l l
155G Phos-Out 32 oz. bottle C a l l C a l l
155D Phos-Out 64 oz. bottle C a l l C a l l