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Taro, commonly called "Elephant Ear Plants," will instantly provide the lushness of the tropics in your pond. However, feel free to plant up your annual borders and garden pots with them where they can reach nearly 5 feet tall! Basically, the larger the pot and more fertilizer provided, the more dramatic in size and color your Taro will be. A huge vairety of Taro are available here, varying in color from Purple to Variegated Green, and in size from several inches tall to several feet!

Black Magic Taro

With its large, solid deep-purple leaves resting upon burgendy stems, the Black Magic Taro continues to be the most popular Taro variety by both gardens magazines and pond owners. Its average height is 2-3 feet, and can excel to 5 feet tall when heavily fertilized and planted directly into soil.

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TABL Black Magic Taro - Colocasia Esculenta $ 11.00 Add To Cart
TABL3 Black Magic Taro - Colocasia Esculenta (3 Plants) $ 29.00 Add To Cart
Dwarf Blue Ape Taro

One of the more uniquely shaped and colored Taro, the Dwarf Blue Ape Taro holds its thick blue/green leaves longer than most other Taro. Over time, this slow-growing, compact Taro will provide the pond owner with a fuller look. New leaves and stems start off with an indigo/blue tinge. Over time, the stems turn more burgendy and the leaves a deeper green. Most Dwarf Blue Ape Taro will grow to 12-18 inches tall, and some about 3 feet or more. This Taro is a Waterford Gardens Employee Favorite, and is limited in quantity!

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TABA Dwarf Blue Ape Taro Xanthosoma Violaceum (3 Plants) C a l l C a l l
Dwarf Green Taro

Pure green, glossy leaves and stems grow slowly on the compact Dwarf Green Taro. On average, it will grow to 1 or 2 feet tall. Under the proper conditions, including tons of root-growing space and a few years time, it rarely reaches a 4-foot height and 5-foot width.

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TADG Dwarf Green Taro - Xanthosoma Atrovirens C a l l C a l l
TADG3 Dwarf Green Taro 'Xanthosoma Atrovirens' (3 Plants) $ 30.00 Add To Cart
Green Variegated Taro

Likely the most brightly colored Taro, the Variegated Taro is a rare variety in very limited stock. Brilliant green and yellow mottled leaves shoot 2-3 feet from the base of the plant. Variegated Taro can grow up to 5 feet tall, but require a pot with plenty of room for roots, and lots of fertilizer.

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TV Green Variegated Taro $ 16.00 Add To Cart
TV3 Green Variegated Taro (3 Plants) $ 40.00 Add To Cart
Imperial Taro

Imperial Taro stands out among its fellow Taro with its striking blue/black leaves wtih thick green veining. A moderately prolific Taro, the Imperial will reach a maximum height of 3 feet.

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TAIM Imperial Taro - Colocasia Antiquorum Illustris $ 11.00 Add To Cart
TAIM3 Imperial Taro - Colocasia Antiquorum Illustris (3 Plants) $ 29.00 Add To Cart
Silver Leaf Taro

Silver Leaf Taro is a perfect plant for tub gardens and small settings. Its 5-inch long leaves are velvet green and higlighted by a silver ghosting along the center veining. Above ground stolons will quickly procreate a large patch of the plant. Silver Leaf Taro grows well in shade and full sun.

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TASF Silver Leaf Taro - Colocasia Fallax $ 11.00 Add To Cart
TASF3 Silver Leaf Taro - Colocasia Fallax (3 Plants) $ 29.00 Add To Cart
Teacup Taro

Oddly pointed leaves are positioned at the ends of very tall stems on the Teacup Taro. Its name comes from the shape of the leaves, capable of collecting several ounces of water during heavy rainfall! The stems are a dark burgendy color while the leaves remain a glossy green with slight burgendy veining. Teacup Taro is one of the taller verieties of Taro, averaging 5 feet in height during the Summer growing season.

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TATC Teacup Taro - Colocasia Esculenta $ 11.00 Add To Cart
TATC3 Teacup Taro - Colocasia Esculenta (3 Plants) $ 29.00 Add To Cart
Upright Taro

Upright Taro is one of the largest varieties of Taro, with the possibility of reaching 6 feet tall over a long period of time, with plenty of heat, humidity, and fertilizer. Greenhouse conditions are ideal for this plant. Upright Taro is available upon special request--please call for information on availability and pricing.

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TAROUP Upright Taro 'Alocasia Macrorrhizos' C a l l C a l l