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Sealers & Repair

Sealers & Repair

In deciding to install a Rubber Liner or Fiberglass Preform, you will find the need to fill gaps, patch overlapping areas, or perhaps address small miscalculations. There are plenty of Sealers & Repair products found here to facilitate these adjustments.

Sealers can also be used as an alternative to Rubber Liner and Fiberglass Preforms. For example, in constructing your water garden, you may decide against the labor of setting a Rubber Liner, or installing a heavy Fiberglass Preform, by pouring and shaping concrete into the excavated ground, much like a pool. To ensure that the concrete establishing the pond area is completely water-tight, a Sealer is applied to its surface.

Pond Shield by Pond Armor

Pond Shield by Pond Armor is a non-toxic epoxy Sealer designed especially for koi ponds, water gardens, fountains, and waterfalls. Its strong yet flexible nature resists mimicking hairline cracks that can form in concrete or masonry over time. Pond Shield is a two-part product mixed together before being applied by brush, roller, or spray. It is available in 1.5-Quart and 1.5-Gallon quantities, and either black, clear, or gray color.

SKU Description Price Order
PA1QB Pond Shield by Pond Armor 1.5 Qt. BLACK $ 79.95 Add To Cart
PA1QC Pond Shield by Pond Armor 1.5 Qt. CLEAR $ 79.95 Add To Cart
PA1QG Pond Shield by Pond Armor 1.5 Qt. GRAY $ 79.95 Add To Cart
PA112B Pond Shield by Pond Armor 1.5 Gal. BLACK $ 319.80 Add To Cart
PA112C Pond Shield by Pond Armor 1.5 Gal. CLEAR $ 319.80 Add To Cart
PA112G Pond Shield by Pond Armor 1.5 Gal. GRAY $ 319.80 Add To Cart
Dux Rubber-Hide Enamel

Dux Rubber-Hide Enamel is a premium grade semi-gloss chlorinated rubber enamel. It is used as a Sealer on concrete or plaster pond settings. It's great for sealing newly poured concrete ponds, as well as re-sealing and finishing old ones that no longer properly hold water. The surface of the concrete/plaster should first be scraped, sanded, or wire-brushed so that it is free of all dirt, chalk, mildew, loose paint, and other foreign matter which could prevent proper adhesion. Following that, the surface should be washed with a tri-sodium phosphate solution, rinsed, and allowed to dry thoroughly. Then, Dux Rubber-Hide Enamel can be applied. The result: a beautifully smooth, sealed, black or gray-bottom pond, with no leaks. Dux Rubber-Hide comes in 1-Quart and 1-Gallon quantities, and choice of either black or gray color.

SKU Description Price Order
RUB1 Dux Rubber-Hide Enamel 1 Qt. BLACK $ 25.00 Add To Cart
Rub2 Dux Rubber-Hide Enamel 1 Gal. BLACK $ 66.67 Add To Cart
GREYPAINT Dux Rubber-Hide Enamel 1 Qt. GRAY $ 30.33 Add To Cart
GREYPAINT2 Dux Rubber-Hide Enamel 1 Gal. GRAY $ 45.50 Add To Cart
Black Foam Sealant

Black Foam Sealant is a great product used to fill gaps and spaces in between rocks, edging where the liner meets rock, and other areas of concern for leaks. It is an aerasol can with an applicator straw that directly applies a black foam to the desired area. The foam expands immediately to fill the space, hardens in about 30 seconds, and is permanently amalgamated after a few hours of curing. Black Foam Sealant is a simple and quick solution for gap filling!

SKU Description Price Order
FOAM Black Foam Sealant 12 oz. Can $ 22.00 Add To Cart
Firestone EPDM Patch Tape

Small holes and punctures may occur in rubber liner over a long period of time from falling rock, small animals, and other unplanned accidents. These tiny ruptures, even pinhole-sized, can cause leaks of substantial amounts of water daily, but they can be patched relatively easily using Firestone EPDM Patch Tape: available in 6-inch wide single-sided, and 3-inch wide double-sided types. Once the cause of the leak is discovered, or the puncture in the liner is found, begin by reducing the water level below the damaged area. Next, clean the area thoroughly and apply a primer such as Firestone QuickPrime Plus (see below.) Place a piece of Double-Sided Patch Tape large enough to completely cover the damage in the liner, with plenty of extra coverage. After, set a piece of Single-Sided Patch Tape completely covering both the applied primer and the Double-Sided Patch Tape. The primer and both pieces of tape should be set, cured, and dry after only 30 seconds. To be sure, allow a few hours of time before refilling to bring the water level back up to normal.

Firestone EPDM 6" Wide Single-Sided Patch Tape: $3.50 per foot
Firestone EPDM 3" Double-Sided Patch Tape: $1.50 per foot

SKU Description Price Order
SST Firestone EPDM Patch Tape 6-in.-Wide Single-Sided $ 3.50 Add To Cart
DST Firestone EPDM Patch Tape 3-in.-Wide Double-Sided $ 1.50 Add To Cart
Firestone QuickPrime Plus

Firestone QuickPrime Plus is designed to clean and prepare Firestone EPDM Rubber Liner for adhesion to EPDM Patch Tape. The EPDM Liner must be clean and dry, and free of any foreign objects. Apply the QuickPrime Plus with long smooth strokes over the Liner leaving none of the material un-brushed, quickly set the tape on top of the area applied, smooth again, and apply pressure. Both membranes should be set, cured, and adhered after only 30 seconds. Firestone QuickPrime Plus is available in 1-Quart and 1-Gallon quantities.

SKU Description Price Order
PRIMEQT Firestone QuickPrime Plus 1 Qt. $ 40.00 Add To Cart
PRIME1G Firestone QuickPrime Plus 1 Gal. $ 80.00 Add To Cart
Firestone EPDM Repair Kit

The Firestone EPDM Repair Kit is a helpful item to have on hand for very small liner repair emergencies. Should one or two small pinholes or leaks be discovered in the liner, this Repair Kit contains virtually everything you need to completely and effectively repair the damaged area: two 6-inch single-sided rubber patches, one small bottle of Quick Prime, a scrubber pad, and an applicator roller and gloves.

SKU Description Price Order
PT1445 Firestone EPDM Repair Kit $ 40.00 Add To Cart