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Water loss can cause serious problems in a pond, whether it's abrupt, or slow loss over a long period of time. Integrating an Auto-Fill setup will eliminate the threat caused by undiscoverable leaks.

Auto-Fill Mini Float Valve

A small a simple Auto-Fill Valve, the Mini Float Valve is easily installed in a skimmer box or other non-disturbable position in the pond. When the water level drops below the height at which you set the Mini Float, the valve attached to your water line will open, and the pond will fill until the water level is once again at the appropriate height.

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KVMA252 Auto-Fill Mini Float Valve $ 20.00 Add To Cart
Hudson Auto-Fill Valve

Another style of Auto-Fill, the Hudson Auto-Fill Valve is enveloped in a protective casing so that the floating apparatus is undisturbed by current in the water and any other unnatural variables. Set the Hudson Auto-Fill Valve at the desired height for water level, and the mechanism with open upon a drop in water below that point, maintaining a proper volume of water in the pond. It is available with either a 1-in. or 1/2-in. FPT connection.

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AUTOFILL1 Hudson Auto-Fill Valve 1-in. $ 50.00 Add To Cart
AUTOFILL12 Hudson Auto-Fill Valve 1/2-in. $ 50.00 Add To Cart
Mechanical Hose Faucet Timer

Have you ever dropped the hose in your pond to just top it off for a few minutes and end up getting distracted and forgetting you left the hose on? Well I have had the unfortunate experience of seeing all too many customers have such an experience and the expression on their faces said it all, many losing everything.

So determined to find a solution during a recent trade show I found several vendors showcasing products which I hoped would put an end to this nightmare. Initially I was very impressed at what appeared to be several new hose timer products some even with sophisticated electronic programming options. But I had three criteria which had to be met.

  1. It needed to be simple.
  2. It needed to be a good value.
  3. If it failed it would have to fail in the closed position.

Well requirement number 3 ended up being almost comical as many salesmen/representatives just had no idea of the mechanism being employed in their device and couldn’t give an answer. That is until I came across this hose timer by Orbit. The representative knew the product knew the mechanism employed within it and answered requirement number 3 with a resounding “closed”. Mission accomplished!

Now please, everyone needs to buy one of these. I would rather you not experience that sinking feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you realize you left the hose on. This one is a no brainer.

SKU Description Price Order
036434150400 DRAMM Mechanical Hose Faucet Timer $ 17.00 Add To Cart