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Pressure-Flo Filters

Pressure-Flo Manual
Pressure-Flo Manual

High Performance pressurized pond filters with integrated UV sterilizer/clarifier. Laguna Pressure-Flo Filters are high performance water filtering systems that keep pond water clean and healthy. These all-in-one filters provide mechanical, biological* and UV sterilization and are designed to work in tandem with a solids handling pumps such as Laguna’s Max-Flo.

They also feature a revolutionary Backwash-Cleaning System that easily cleans the entire surface of the foam filters without opening the filter. This patent-pending system is one of a kind. Backwash cleaning can be done easily and comfortably in a few minutes without opening the lid. This feature ensures that the filters perform at optimal levels for many days and prolongs the time between full maintenance sessions. An easy-view cleaning indicator signals when it’s time to perform backwash cleaning.

The units can be installed in or above ground.

EPA Registered

* Pressure-Flo 700 does not have a biological filtration chamber

Laguna Pressure-Flo Sizing Table
ModelDescriptionPond VolumeUV WattsMax Flow Rate
PF-700 Pressure-Flo 700 330-660 Gallons 11 Watts 900 GPH
PF-1400 Pressure-Flo 1400 660-1320 Gallons 11 Watts 900 GPH
PF-2100 Pressure-Flo 2100 1057-2113 Gallons 20 Watts 1500 GPH
PF-3200 Pressure-Flo 3200 1585-3170 Gallons 25 Watts 2000 GPH

Laguna Pressure-Flo filter cutout

Pressure-Flo Filter Flow Diagram

  1. Dirty pond water enters here
  2. Mechanical Filtration Foam captures dirt and debris
  3. Biospheres promote growth of friendly bacteria for a healthy pond
  4. UV-C lamp destroys single-celled algae organisms, eliminates green water
  5. Clean, filtered water returns to the pond
  6. Cleaning Indicator signals when to perform backwash cleaning
  7. Multi-Function Mode Selector (Patent Pending)
Laguna filter backwash cutout

Backwash-Cleaning System Diagram

  1. External handles allow you to operate internal cleaning system—no need to open filter
  2. Two cleaning blades remove debris from filtration foam
  3. Debris is expelled, filtration foam is cleaned
SKU Description Price Order
PT1686 Laguna Pressure-Flo Filter CLEAN 700 C a l l C a l l
PT1687 Laguna Pressure-Flo Filter CLEAN 1400 C a l l C a l l
PT1688 Laguna Pressure-Flo Filter CLEAN 2100 C a l l C a l l
PT1689 Laguna Pressure-Flo Filter CLEAN 3200 C a l l C a l l
PT1500 Laguna Pressure-Flo UVC Filter 700 $ 338.64 Add To Cart
PT1502 Laguna Pressure-Flo UVC Filter 1400 $ 393.93 Add To Cart
PT1504 Laguna Pressure-Flo UVC Filter 2100 $ 490.67 Add To Cart
PT1506 Laguna Pressure-Flo UVC Filter 3200 $ 570.00 Add To Cart
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