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Cattails will add a nice height to the plant population, a fluid motion in a summer breeze, and a classic look to your pond.

Cattail Standard

With long, slender blades and large brown punks, the Cattail Standard is the archetypal pond plant. It is a rather competitive grower, easily filling the pot in which it's planted, and reaching a max height of nearly 6 feet.

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CATSTAN Cattail Standard 'Typha Latifolia' $ 10.00 Add To Cart
CATSTAN3 Cattail Standard 'Typha Latifolia' (3 Plants) $ 26.00 Add To Cart
Graceful Cattail

Our most popular Cattail, the Graceful Cattail is excellent in any size pond. Less aggressive growing than other Cattails, the Graceful Cattail has an interesting blue-green tint to its leaves, and will grow anywhere from 24-30 inches tall.

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CATG Graceful Cattail 'Typha Laxmannii' $ 10.00 Add To Cart
CATG3 Graceful Cattail 'Typha Laxmannii' (3 Plants) $ 26.00 Add To Cart
Miniature Cattail

The smallest of the Cattails at a height of only 14 inches, the Miniature Cattail has almost needle-like foliage colored blue-green like its larger relative, the Graceful Cattail. Requiring shallower waters, the Miniature Cattail sits in no more than 3 inches of water depth.

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CATM Miniature Cattail 'Typha Minima' $ 10.00 Add To Cart
CATM3 Miniature Cattail 'Typha Minima' (3 Plants) $ 26.00 Add To Cart
Narrow-Leaved Cattail

The Narrow-Leaved Cattail is by far the largest growing Cattail we offer. Meant for medium to large sized ponds, the Narrow-Leaved Cattail can be placed in as much as 12 inches of water depth, and reaches a maximum height of 4 to 5 feet tall!

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CATNL Narrow-Leaved Cattail 'Typha Angustifolia' $ 10.00 Add To Cart
CATNL3 Narrow-Leaved Cattail 'Typha Angustifolia' (3 Plants) $ 26.00 Add To Cart
Variegated Cattail

The Variegated Cattail is quite different than the other varieties of Cattail, with broad twisting leaves reaching almost 4 feet tall, and featuring a green and white variegated color.

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CATV Variegated Cattail 'Typha Latifolia Variegata' $ 15.00 Add To Cart
CATV3 Variegated Cattail 'Typha Latifolia Variegata' (3 Plants) $ 37.00 Add To Cart